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A small, hard-working mechanical engineering design firm based in Kidderminster, Worcestershire.
Established in 2010, we offer Engineering Design solutions, 3D Solid Modelling & CAD drawings.
We can provide manufacturing advice & full project managment; we offer our clients the full package.


Our background in Engineering design encompasses 20 years of hands on experience in

manufacturing and 10 years experience of design and solid modelling.

Past projects and experiences include but are not limited too:

Mechanical Design:

Single parts, sub-assemblies and fully working machines/assemblies.

Utilising machining, additive manufacture, welding and  "off the shelf" parts such as bearings and gears.
Providing drawings for direct manufacture at a 3rd party - STP, IGS, DXF, DWG , PDF Files.

Project Management:

Project Costings relative to Bills of Materials (BOM) & Cut Lists.
Dealing with 3rd Party suppliers for quotations and best route to finished parts.

Mould Tool Design:

Design and overseeing of manufacture of CNC Mould Tools.
Aluminium mould tools for Carbon Fibre parts.
Design of Structural Foam (Rohacell) inserts for Carbon Fibre parts.

Manufacturing techniques:

Subtractive Manufacturing, Milling, Turning, Grinding.
Additive Manufacturing, 3D Printing, Selective Laser Sintering, SLA, both plastics and metals.
Rapid Prototyping, including rubber & silicone seals.
Investment castings.

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Ian St. John
Founder, Design & Project Manager

I wanted to become a Mechanical Engineer from a young age and developed a passion for engineering from

spending my youth at my Father's Car Mechanics garage.​

Throughout further education I learnt the principles of mechanical engineering, manufacture and design.

Over the years my passion for engineering design grew and today I offer my services and experiences to you.


Today, I still enjoy getting the use of a Milling Machine or a Lathe to create a part, but I am more often found 

behind my Laptop with 3D modelling software designing the next project,no matter the size or function.

I am a big F1 fan and enjoy the racing but love the technology and design. 2014 was a fantastic year in which

I was able to visit both the McLaren Technology Centre and Mercedes AMG F1 Factory.

I'm pictured holding the 2014 Winning Constructor Trophy from the USA Grand Prix.

I draw inspiration from these sources and try to apply myself in the fashion they would expect and

deliver to you a successful design.


“We're a small and ambitious engineering design firm. We look forward to meeting you and your team and helping you define your goals, develop solutions - and realise them! So what are you waiting for, contact us!" 

Ian St. John, Founder Clear View 3D

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